As a design-driven media company with a solid experience and reputation, PID Agency has been an accomplice and partner to the design industry for over 35 years. Its three prestigious platforms, the International GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards, the INTÉRIEURS magazine, and the portal, are acclaimed for their creativity and contribution to promoting excellence in design, architecture, landscape, and the built environment. Its team consists of proactive and creative connectors, strategists driven by a passion for design.



The GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards is an international competition that celebrates the excellence and the talent of creative professionals and firms who have distinguished themselves through exemplary practice. The Awards create visibility and promotional opportunities for its partners and winners and bring them professional recognition and international notoriety. The call for entries is open to participants from all over the world and is intended for professionals as well as developers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers, in several disciplines and categories.

Launched in 2007 in Montreal, with the mission of recognizing the excellence of designers and architects having distinguished themselves through exemplary practice, the competition was for 13 years open exclusively to Quebec firms. Since 2020, it is fully open to international participants and candidates from more than 35 countries have benefited from this outreach opportunity.

Prestigious and respected, a reference and a stamp of excellence!



A bilingual magazine based in Quebec, INTÉRIEURS promotes the culture of design, architecture and the built environment. It presents its readers with collector’s editions and a magazine that is beautiful, stylish, inclusive and avant-garde.

With more than 25 years of editorial content of the highest standards and with its international recognition as a major publication, INTÉRIEURS remains a reference for excellence in design and architecture.

Propelled by a digital shift and the portal, INTÉRIEURS magazine, in its printed form, has become a collector’s item, a source of inspiration for the best in design and architecture.

News and updates are now available on the portal while INTÉRIEURS magazine focuses on 2 special editions presenting the winning projects of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN competition and a PEOPLE edition that highlights the personalities and professionals who shape our environment and mark our industry.

INT.DESIGN is a digital space for the promotion of excellence in design and architecture. It is a tool for research, inspiration and informations on professionals, products, facilities, activities, and cultural and design venues.

Its NEWS section provides industry news and its INSPIRED section allows keyword searches to find the ideas that inspire, and the suppliers that make dreams come true.

The disciplines of design and architecture are part of our culture and are essential leverages for addressing today’s challenges, especially when they work collaboratively. The creativity of designers – architects, landscape architects, urban planners, interior designers, industrial designers and graphic designers – and their collaboration with contractors, developers, manufacturers and other clients, is the guarantee of economically profitable and sustainable results. aims to be a vector of diffusion and a current means of influence and discovery of these disciplines and creators.